Gender Wage Gap

Topics: Discrimination, Employment, Gender, Glass ceiling / Pages: 5 (1230 words) / Published: May 2nd, 2012
The Gender-Wage Gap

The gender wage gap is often perceived as and old fashion occurrence, however, the inequality between men and women still does exist in today’s workforce. Australia’s gender-wage may not be as prominent as it was in the past and few figures conclude that the gap is narrowing but women are still being discriminated against (McGregor & Still 1996). To reduce and finally demolish the gender wage gap, the Australian government needs to take action and regulate laws in employment relations and to stop discrimination against women in the workforce who have the same or equal qualifications as men do. This essay will overall discuss theories what the Australian government will need to address in order to get rid of the gender wage gap and what action needs to take place to rule out discrimination in the workplace.

The gender wage gap can occur for many reasons, but the most common reason is because of the stereotype of women and their domestic responsibilities (Leutwiler & Kleiner, 2003). According to Leutwiler & Kleiner (2003), “discrimination is the provision of unequal benefits to people of different ascriptive statuses despite identical qualifications and merit”. In this sense discrimination against women has created the gender-wage gap. For gender discrimination to exist in the workplace a man and woman must have the same or equal qualifications for a specific job, but with a different pay. Kidd and Ferko (2001) described the gender wage gap as “ differences in human capital related characteristics and an unexplained portion attributed to discrimination. Clearly, stated is that discrimination is in fact a contributor to the wage gap.

Another reason that the gender wage gap still exists is because women have more interrupted careers, when they are obligated to take care of their children. Although women now have increasing tertiary qualifications, they still lack in significant work experience. As well as shorter job

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