Gender Wage Gap

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From the beginning, history has proven that women have constantly been classified as the weaker gender. In some biased opinions, women are often thought of as mothers and homemakers. Throughout history, women have had to fight for their rights; while men had theirs handed to them at birth. Such discrimination against women as it relates to the workplace, has led to laws being placed to stop discrimination based on gender. This paper is centered on the gender pay gap and gives some common perceptions about the issue. I attempt to explain the reasons behind the gender wage gap between men and women by briefly looking at the issue historically and explain some theories and studies as it relates to employers preference, education and career choices.
Although todays work has changed vastly for women in America since the late 50s, one thing that still remains the same is the pay gap between men and women over the last decade. Such discrimination against women has caused certain laws to be placed to put a stop to unfair practices. Since the signing of the equal pay act of 1963, it is now illegal to pay men and women substantially different wages for equal work (NWCL, 2013). This poses the question, could there still be pay difference between men and women in todays’ workforce and if so why?
Let’s first take a look at wages from an historical time-line. Pay difference between men and women remains a hot topic that keeps re-surfacing over the years and reasons behind the gap are highly debated. Research has proven, after World War II, women were paid 60% of what men were paid. After the Equal Pay act was passed in 1963 things took a positive turn for women and women’s rights. However, although things and opportunities became better for women, there was no equal pay for all. Working women today earn an average of 80 cents for every dollar earned by male counter parts which is better than the latest reports of 77 cents for every dollar in 2011.
Some reasons that may

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