Gender Stratification and Women in Developing Nations

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Gender Stratification and Women in Developing Nations

Gender Stratification and Women in Developing Nations
Gender stratification refers to the situation where a certain gender group experiences unequal access or benefit to basic and valuable social resources or amenities. Gender stratification in developing nations is most evident in equal rights with reference to technical knowledge, employment or inheritance. This research paper seeks to discuss the basis where gender stratification affecting women in developing nations originates and the reasons as to why it continues to prevail in these developing countries. Discussion will identify the various ways in which women in developing countries face in their day to day life.

Gender stratification and discrimination against women including girls in most developing countries usually starts during conception. This aspect is common in regions such as South Asia and India. In many parts of South Asia and India, many societies have a strong preference for the boy child as compared to the girl child. In these societies, girls are considered as an economic burden to a family because of the little economic contribution girls have to a family and costly dowry expenses (UNFPA, 2005). In South Asia, when a bride is unable to provide the financial dowry demands, the bride is subjected to harassment and torture by the family of the groom. According to estimates by UNFPA, about 5000 women were burnt to death and crimes disguised as accidents in the kitchen because of their insufficient dowry (Viachova & Biason, 2005). Almost 7000 deaths reported in 2005 in India and Pakistan alone were identified as dowry related deaths a majority of victims being aged ranging from 15-34 (8). Over 30% of pregnancies in the Republic of Korea were terminated because they were identified as female fetuses. In contrast, 90% of pregnancies in the country which were identified as male fetuses were allowed to normal birth...
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