Gender Socialization

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Chapter 3 Paper
Gender socialization has been portrayed on television shows for many, many years. Gender messages are so common that we often do not even realize that it is happening. Henslin (2009) explains gender as, “the attitudes and behaviors that are expected of us because we are a male or a female” (p. 76). In television, these gender messages start as early as toddler cartoons, to high school sit coms, and all the way to soap operas geared towards an older crowd.

I have watched the television show Sons of Anarchy for many years and gender socialization is very evident in every episode. The majority of every episode involves a motorcycle gang, causing the show to be very male oriented. They are a very respected group due to them having the persona of a motorcycle rider who carries guns and is not afraid to stand up and fight for their fellow riders or family members. Regardless of some of the men being married it is an all male club, and the wives are not considered members. The women are given the typical female role and go to work and stay at home taking care of the children. If ever their is a serious problem with a rival motorcycle gang the men ship their wives and children off to a hotel or somewhere safe and the men stick around and protect their club house and their families knowing they are somewhere safe.

They do not allow women into the club because they do not think that they would be able to protect themselves. The men do not think that it is appropriate for the women to be in the middle of all of the fighting and the drug trafficking. They want them at home with the kids where they know that their family is out of the immediate danger. In this particular show the women are expected not to stray from their role while the men are free to do whatever they want or need.

Another popular show that I have recently started watching is Revolution. This is the first season and in the first episode their is a world wide black out and they...

References: Henslin, J.  (2009)  Essentials of Sociology:  A down-to-earth approach (8th ed).  New York:  
Allyn and Bacon.
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