Gender Segregation

Topics: Gender, Masculinity, Male Pages: 3 (926 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Davis Anderson
Sociology 3337
Prof. Korinek
October 23, 2012
Group 7
Analysis of: Revisiting the Glass Escalator: The Case of Gender Segregation in a Female Dominated Occupation

This critical examination and study, done by Karrie Ann Snyder and Adam Isaiah Green, dives into the data of a predominately women’s job, nursing, to find out if men really have a “glass escalator” when it comes to advancing up to top positions and dissects the notion of horizontal segregation. The glass escalator theory is one that assumes males in female dominated professions are pushed up the ladder to administrative and supervisory positions much easier and faster than women. Throughout the article, they explain the methods used to gather the data, both quantitative and qualitative and provide a plethora of information such as level of education, employment setting, number of years worked, personal interviews etc. They also break down the data and refute claims that although widely believed, may be false.

It is somewhat ironic that the topic of this week’s thought-piece paper is on the sexual segregation of nursing. Just about a week ago I was sitting in the orthodontists office and I looked over at the staff photos on the wall. Dr. Pobanz was in the middle with about 10 ladies on each side of him. That made me go back and think, and I came to the realization that I have never seen a male besides the doctor working in a dentist or orthodontist office. Although it is not exactly a nursing position, it is a similar occupation and I would imagine has similar statistics concerning sex segregation. In my mind, it is just expected that most all nurses are female. It seems that back a few decades ago males were unheard of in the nursing field, but today they are becoming more common. It is interesting that this occupation is so stereotypical female that studies of this magnitude are conducted.

So why is it that nursing is so dominated by females? Well, nursing is associated with...
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