Gender Roles Of Women
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There are many different things that divide people, such as race, religion, money, and social class. One that has been evident since the dawn of time, however, is the division between genders. Through this division, many stereotypes and roles have been created. There are still many people that say “You throw like a girl” as an insult, even when some girls can throw better than they do. While it may be true that some of these standards have receded in recent times, there are still many women who suffer from this inequality. Women are more confined in gender roles than men, as demonstrated through Mrs. Joe, Miss. Havisham, and Pip. Initially, the idea that women are more limited in gender roles than men is demonstrated through Mrs. Joe since …show more content…
To illustrate, Miss Havisham shows how women are restrained through gender roles when she falls for Compeyson and lets him “‘[practice] on her affection” so that he gets “great sums of money from her’” (179). Therefore, this example emphasizes that Miss Havisham displays how women are limited through gender roles since Miss Havisham clearly makes the wrong decision. By falling for the criminal, Miss Havisham shows that society believes that women can not make reasonable decisions. Additionally, Miss Havisham reveals women’s restriction through gender roles when she decides to teach Estella to “‘break their heart and have no mercy’” (94). Thus, the example exposes how women are restrained in gender roles since Miss Havisham makes another crucial decision that impacts her life negatively. When she chooses to create a heartbreaker in Estella, she destroys Estella’s heart and ruins Miss Havisham’s last hope of gaining some affection. In turn, she demonstrates society’s belief that women can not make advantageous decisions and are not competent enough to decide important choices. This limits women by saying they should not make decisions and men must not listen to women’s opinions on certain choices. As a result, the point illustrates that Miss Havisham shows how women …show more content…
Joe. Women are more restrained than men through gender roles which are represented by the characters of Mrs. Joe, Pip, and Miss Havisham. Since women are still limited by these gender roles, it is important to remember and work against this discrimination so that women can attain equality. Every person can contribute to improving gender equality. We need to unite and create a better and more equal world for our

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