Gender Roles in Society

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Gender Roles in Society American comedian Elaine Boosler is accredited to the famous one-liner: “I’m just a person, trapped in a women’s body.” Such an idea is considered humorous to the public because of the unfortunate truth it pertains; it is addressing the reality that even though women are just as capable as men and share the same potential as been, they are seen in a less competent and a suppressive light. In understanding the prevalence of gender roles in society today, we can examine how women suffer from the direct consequences of social inequality in our everyday lives among social themes such as occupations and stereotypes within social media. A primary example of social inequality and its effect on gender roles is the workplace. When it comes to occupational status, women have, first off, longtime been expected to play the “house wife” role; they have been viewed as masters of home economics, rather than given the same assumption as men to have intellectual and leadership proficiency. Women have had to stick within specific occupations such as secretaries or assistants, teaching, and even retail, while men have been expected to take more corporate and leadership roles, or higher-status occupations, such as law and medical fields. As recent times have changes, though, women are not as strictly confined to housework roles and have earned some equality in occupations, though not necessarily occupational status. In the workplace, all employees should be viewed on the quality of their performance--which is up-kept to a certain degree, but when it comes to higher-status jobs such as leadership positions, it seems that women are kept down in corporate status by the “glass ceiling.” This phrase refers to the barrier for women in careers to move up the corporate latter, despite their competence and qualifying performance. Such inequality cannot be justified because there is no valid argument to support it! The gender role of women being “weaker”

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