Gender Roles in Society

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Woman Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: February 13, 2013
Composition 1301 S-60A
3 November 2012
Hispanic vs. Pakistani: Gender Roles in Society
When a culture has a way of doing things, it is supposed to be like that till the end of time. Little did ancestors know, with the way society evolved some customs cannot stay the same. Jobs are now created for both men and women and money has become more of a necessity to survive. Looking at two cultures in particular, Hispanics and Pakistanis, they both have diverse views on the roles of their men and women. In addition to what is permissible and frowned upon in a culture. They each allow distinctive roles to be played in society such as workforce, and or domestication. However, the cultures both had become affected by changes such as bills, taxes, keeping a home up, providing for children, and the requirements to be allowed a career. At the beginning of time these cultures first started out, nothing else was known but what they created and put in their own minds. Both Hispanic and Pakistani men made it their mindset that they must be the provider, the one waited on. Being a working Hispanic man with no formal education, minimum wage is about $7.25 an hour. With only that kind of pay many men cannot be the only provider for their family, household, or bills therefore many endure hardships. Some men wait behind buildings, or in alleys waiting for the average man seeking cheap labor just for any extra money they can receive. In Pakistan, “the minimum wage for the factory: 4600 RPK per month (equivalent to 37 US cents an hour for a 48-hour workweek) plus the required 44.23 rupees/hr overtime for more than the standard 48-hour workweek in Pakistan (equivalent to 74 US cents an hour)” (Cook). Nevertheless, some men go against how things should be and take on the role of a stay at home dad, while women financially provide for their family. There is no set role in the society people love in today, as times changes so do people to better adapt to the way of living. When the word...
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