Gender Roles and Maria Cervantes

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Female Gender Roles and Maria Cervantes

In Gabriel Marquez’s novel, Chronicle of a Death Marquez Foretold, uses the characters in order to portray gender roles of the time period. A key historical aspect of the time period was feminism and gender roles. Marquez portrays gender roles and sexism in multiple ways through characterization. A unique and effective way that Marquez portrays sexism and gender roles is through a minor character in the novel, Maria Cervantes.

Gabriel Marquez effectively portrays a society in which men were valued more than women, and where women were viewed more as slaves rather than equals.. The role of women was to please the men. Women were viewed as sexual objects and slaves rather than equals in society. “She made love to him in secret for many years in the stables of the ranch, and he brought her to be a house servant when the affection was over” (9-10) This quote adequately portrays the significance of women at the time period, and how objectivized they truly were. Ibrahim Nasar only used Victoria Guzman for sex. This resulted in Victoria Guzman having a fierce hate for Santiage Nasar. “Nevertheless, she had so much suppressed rage the morning of the crime that she went on feeding the gods with the insides of other rabbits, just to embitter Santiago Nasar’s breakfast. Victoria Guzman needed almost 20 years to understand that a man accustomed to killing defenseless animals could suddenly express such horror” (10) Victoria knew that the Vicario twins were going to kill Nasar, but she did not tell him. This was her way of retrieving revenge for what Ibrahim Nasar did to her. The fact that she maintained so much bitterness and hate for such a prolonged period of time, effectively portrays her feelings towards her treatment, and by extension, treatment of women as a whole. There are multiple examples of unequal treatment of women and gender roles throughout the book, but Marquez tends to do a spectacular job at...
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