Gender roles and expectations

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Woman Pages: 3 (865 words) Published: March 21, 2014
ENGL 0349
Jose Costa

The positively and negatively ways influenced by traditional gender roles and expectations From the beginning of this year I realized that I have been influenced positively and negatively ways by traditional gender roles and expectation. The traditional gender roles are present in all parts of world and they vary between cultures. Basically these are behaviors, attitudes and values established by society as appropriate for us and should be passed for all generations. Nowadays our society almost obligate us to follow many expectations such us the way I should act, dress, and talk I figure out that these expectations are known as gender roles, so I started to obey it due the influence of our society and the media. Because I wanted to avoid problems in my social life. In world there is a relation between the traditional gender roles and the culture. In order this relation concern with the typical behavior of males and females within their culture. In my case it has been influenced since I was a child because I was born and raised in very traditional family and country, so I couldn’t escape it even if I wanted. Then I notified that these traditional roles were common in many countries around the world. For instance the women in most of the countries around the world years ago women stayed at home, take care of kids and do the home chores that meant that women were not allowed to work. On the other hand men were the responsible to work and earn money for their families. However, this thinking has changed somewhat or slightly through the years. Nowadays both sex’s women and men have more varied roles. Because today the women traditional roles vary too much in our world, for example the women can do activities such as to work on big companies performing important functions and occupying major...
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