Gender Roles

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Nature versus nurture Pages: 4 (1148 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Gender Roles

PSY101 - General Psychology
March 16, 2013

* Examine gender role stereotyping present in the store and provide specific examples of gender specific toys. * Review the traditional gender roles that seem evident by the selection of gender appropriate toys. * Explain gender development from both the nature and the nurture perspectives. * Relate your observations to theories of gender role development and influences of cultural development. * In addition, relate your observations to theories of gender role development. Be sure to include specific examples from the store and specific information from your research. Response:

Gender Role Stereotyping:
“Gender Stereotypes” are the unsophisticated generalizations about gender attributes, divergences and role of groups or individuals. These may be of positive and negative impact and hardly ever converse about precise information about others. There is male and female stereotyping. In the female stereotypes, marriages occur and children are produced. On the other hand, the male stereotypes are the economic providers.

Gender Similarities and Differences:
According to the hypothesis of gender similarities, “males and females are similar on most but not all, psychological variables that are men and women, as well as boys and girls, are more alike than they are different”.

In the gender differences, we can see that girls are more sophisticated bodily and neurologically at birth; but boys acquire additional mature strapping development but more susceptible to diseases. Girls are more nurturing and boys are further violent. Boys encompass additional speech and expressive problems than girls. Relative Contribution of Nature vs. Nurture on Gender Role Development:

Here, we can see two different explanations as how gender develops significantly. In accordance to the thoughts of a number of psychologists ‘environmental influences like as the way that we are...

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