Gender Roles

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Transgender Pages: 8 (1434 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Question 1
Your _____ depends on whether you were born with distinct male or female genitals and a genetic program that released either male or female hormones to stimulate the development of your reproductive system. Answer

| a.| self|
| b.| gender identity|
| c.| sex|
| d.| gender|
| e.| gender role|
4 points   
Question 2
The feelings, attitudes, and behaviors typically associated with being male or female are termed one’s _____. Answer
| a.| hormones|
| b.| gender|
| c.| sex|
| d.| gender role|
| e.| gender identity|
4 points   
Question 3
Your identification with, or sense of belonging to, a particular sex – biologically, psychologically, and socially is called _____. Answer
| a.| hormones|
| b.| sex|
| c.| gender role|
| d.| gender identity|
| e.| gender|
4 points   
Question 4
Research shows that children develop a complete awareness of gender identity between the ages of _____. Answer
| a.| 2 and 3|
| b.| 1 and 5|
| c.| 4 and 6|
| d.| 12 and 13|
| e.| 0 and 1|
4 points   
Question 5
Although Dr. John Money claimed that the sexual reassignment of baby Bruce was successful, in reality it was not. According to Brym and Lie, one reason for the lack of success was Answer
| a.| the surgery occurred after baby Bruce had learned a male gender identity.| | b.| improper socialization by the parents.|
| c.| the lack of support for the sex reassignment from baby Bruce’s parents.| | d.| the inescapable influence of biology.|
| e.| the treatment baby Bruce received was incorrect.|
4 points   
Question 6
The main lesson Brym and Lie draw from the story of baby Bruce is that Answer
| a.| social learning of gender begins very early in life.| | b.| gender identity does not exist.|
| c.| biology is destiny.|
| d.| sex is organized around biological factors.|
| e.| biology establishes most of gender identity and society helps a little.| 4 points   
Question 7
Scholars who see gender differences as a reflection of the different social positions occupied by men and women are approaching gender from which position? Answer
| a.| essentialism|
| b.| social constructionism|
| c.| symbolic interactionism|
| d.| conflict theory|
| e.| functionalism|
4 points   
Question 8
Situations involving competition and threat increase the production of the hormone testosterone in women, causing them to act more aggressively. This is evidence that: Answer
| a.| women should not assume roles that involve too much competition| | b.| men should share responsibilities for defense with women.| | c.| aggressiveness is partly role related|
| d.| aggression is natural in all situations|
| e.| gender inequality is a cultural universal|
4 points   
Question 9
Conflict and feminist theorists agree that
| a.| male domination originated with industrial capitalism.| | b.| communist and socialist societies have low levels of male domination.| | c.| gender inequality is functional for society.|

| d.| symbolic interactionism and functionalism offer better explanations of male domination.| | e.| differences between men and women result from men’s greater power.| 4 points   
Question 10
When it comes to the way that children play,
| a.| boys may not be concerned about whether or not toys are gender appropriate, unless they are told a toy is for girls.| | b.| boys and girls are equally likely to be involved in competitive and aggressive sports| | c.| gender roles are a given.|

| d.| gender roles are determined for both boys and girls by their toys and by parents.| | e.| toys for boys and girls are designed to develop the same types of skills.| 4 points   
Question 11
Research on school children by...
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