Gender Paper

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Gender Paper

Similarities and Differences between Male and Female
Have you ever wondered why male and females are so different from one another or are they? This could be because of many different reasons. Such as their intelligence, the way they do things, their appearances, and how they look, their personalities and their genders. All of these are things that can determine why men are different from women. When it comes to a male and a female their gender represents the differences. This could be because of their different aspects such as their physical appearance, psychological differences, and their social differences. When it comes to the physical appearance this is the way in which someone looks, how they dress, and how they take care of their body. Men tend to build more muscle than women, which it then makes their body shape look differently than a women’s do. Men seem to be taller than women are and the weight of a man is different from a woman. This can be because of the fact that men have more muscle and muscle weighs more. Some other differences of a male and female are men tend not to listen to details; they tend to jump to a solution rather than process or hear the details. The tension span of a male is a lot shorter. The genitals of males and females are different: Males have a penis and women have a vagina. In women the reproductive system is entirely internal. There entrance point and exit are at the vagina, whereas a males penis is on the outside of the body. A woman has a separate opening to pee out of and for her menstruation, as well as for sexual intercourse. And a male only has one opening that he pees out of and this is the same hole that the semen comes out. When it comes to men they have more testosterone than a woman does. Women have larger breast than most men do. Women have eggs that are stored in the ovaries at birth. Men make sperm. Women give birth to babies where men are not able to do so. “Research has clearly demonstrated difference between male and female brains in the degree of hemispheric specialization for a variety of cognitive tasks.” (Crooks & Baur, p. 118). The structure of a male’s body is generally larger than a woman’s are. It states in an article “males are on average 10 to 15 percent larger than females and tend to have greater upper body strength” (Fuentes, 2012). And the size of a male’s brain is a bit larger which makes them have a larger head. Male and females have different levels of testosterone and estrogen. The personalities of men and women are different. The way in which men process information is different from that of a woman. Women are more creative when doing things and tend to be more detailed. Women are more what is called right brain and a male is more left-brain, which means that women tend to process information better than a male does and women are better when it comes to communication about things. Men tend to jump to conclusions and women seem to want to talk things through in more detail. “Other key differences between male and female have been demonstrated in the function and structure of the cerebral hemispheres and the corpus callosum.” (Crooks & Baur, p. 118). In more ways than one might think male and females are more alike or have more in common. Such as before someone is born babies have both sets of tubes. In embryo the fetal development of the genitals of a baby can be confusing when taking a look at it when a Doctor shows the picture of them during the pregnancy. Until the penis starts to develop all babies appear to be female. The hormones of a male and a female are the same. It is the level of the hormones that are different in a male and female. The brains of males and females are the same other than the fact that the size of males is larger. When it comes to situations both men and women approach problems in wanting to get them resolved by coming up with solutions. Both...

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