Gender Observation

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Game of Love
Throughout our lives we've seen many men and women conversing with one another. We also have noticed how single men and women interact with each other differ from when talking to the same gender; but what do they talk about? What is their motive in starting a conversation? Specifically, I’ve done an observation between men and women conversing with one another in Starbucks, at Marysville, and a bar called Round Corner Tavern in Sacramento. The outcome of it was women showed more emotion when talking to their girlfriends, men acted with no manners when talking to their guy friends, and when single men and women talk to one another they become more aware of their behaviors. In Starbucks, I was observing women conversing with the same sex. I noticed women approached one another eagerly. When they see each other, they immediately make direct eye contact for a long period of time. I have also noticed that they sat down across from each other fairly close. While eaves dropping, I heard one of them sharing secrets and gossip about people they don’t like. As the conversation progresses, one of the girls was talking about her boyfriend breaking up with her because he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend. I could tell they felt sympathy for one another. Their faces mirrored each other since they felt each other’s pain. To make the sad girl feel better, the girl rubbed her friend’s back for quite a while to comfort her. I soon noticed that only one main girl talked for a long time because the other girl is actually listening to every word her friend is saying while giving some advises. I also realized that they rarely took each other’s eyes off one another. They only took their eyes of each other when they saw a guy walking by. Finally, at the end of the conversation, they concluded that they don’t need any other guys when they have each other and jokingly shouted, team single! Oppositely, men react differently from...
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