Gender Issues in Tivet

Topics: Higher education, Gender, Vocational education Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Question 1:
Explain the gender polarization in TVET and how it can be minimized. Gender is a social construction of the idealized masculine or feminine roles and abilities by the society. Societal norms and value system has therefore been used to describe the being of a man or a woman in relation to various activities. Gender polarization is the differences in positions, favors’, opportunities and consideration occasioned by the difference in gender. Gender parity in TVET is evident in respect to choice and selection to various courses, graduation rate, wastage rate and opportunities for further studies. This has led to disparities in different careers. Causes of gender polarity

Parental Pressure
Parents are major contributors to their children’s choices of career. The parents define careers in terms of ` a man’s or a woman’s’ career which makes them lead their children into choosing such courses that are in line with their stereotypic thoughts. A girl may have a passion in say engineering course but she will be discouraged because these courses are seen as masculine. Peer Influence

A peer group may have an influence on the subject combination of individual student, which may affect the course taken by the students. The dislike of mathematics by some ladies may end up influencing a hard working friend into dislike and effective dropping of the subject. On the other hands some boys may influence a boy who is goo in art subjects to switch to science subjects which may at time prove futile. During enrolment, the same peer influence may affect the choices of the courses registered. Teachers’ discrimination

Some teachers at the lower education level tend to believe that boys should perform better in physical sciences and Mathematics while ladies in Arts , language and biological sciences. This shapes the efforts and interests of both the boys and girls to different subjects. This affects the subject combination reached at post primary education hence...
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