Gender Inequality- Social Problems

Topics: Gender, Equality, Gender role Pages: 3 (1285 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Comparing women’s rights from the 1800s to the present, equality for women has significantly improved. In the United States women use to be only viewed useful for work at home like child rearing and today women in the US are more accepted into the workforce. Even while this is true, women still do most of the housework and men are left to dominate the workplace. Women have gained huge milestones in politics as well as the workforce. This topic takes heart to me because I am a feminist and I strongly believe in equality for women and men. I hope for huge movements forward for all feminist activists. Despite many improvements, there are some who still believe in the stereotypical “housewife” and that women do not belong at work. Although women’s rights have improved since the 1800s, women still remain at a disadvantage with their roles in the workplace, at home, and in politics. It was a fight for women just to be able to get a paid position with an employer. Men wanted to be the patriarchs and leave the women to raise the children. Even once women were being accepted into the workforce, they were not allowed to do men’s work and women were not getting paid equally as the men. In her article, Rosemary Radford argues, “When women gain the right to enter a profession, it is still very hard for them to compete with men on an equal footing, since they are also presumed to being charge of this domestic support system” (Radford, 2). The wage gap between men and women has not changed much. Men are still making hundreds of thousands of dollars more than women that have the same credentials, experiences, and any other qualification that may be similar. Not only is there is there a continuous wage gap but there is also a difference in employer benefits packages. Men receive better benefits than females typically do. Part of the issue for the wage gap ties back to gender stratification theory. Gender stratification theory states, “Inequality between men and women is...
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