Gender Inequality

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: April 13, 2012
Gender Inequality In The Home Remains An Issue In Family Life.

Gender inqualities often stem from social structures that have instiutionalized conceptions of gender differences. Gender inequality has been around for centuries. In many family homes, their lives evolve around gender roles. The responibilties in the family are allocated to their sex (gender). There are certain tasks which are usually allocated to males and females. Some see this division as biologolical differences between the sexes and others see it happening in cultural backgrounds. There are sociological theories that have tended to see gender roles as natural and inevitable. Talcott Parsons, suggested that within the modern nuclear family it was essential that one parent, (the father) performed the instrumental role of the leader and provider whilst the mother performed the expressive role of giving psychological support and taking responsibilty for socialising children. This made sense because women give birth to and nurse their children. It’s a typical sterotype, that is engrained in both men and women. Gender is seen closely related to the roles and behaviour assigned to women and men based on their sexual differences. As children we learn and adapt to specific gender roles, and as we grow they become more evident and more important to our role in a society. There is more married women that work outside of the home and some men spend more time at home with their families. Martial roles have become increasingly similar. Historians of the family have made it show how gender roles in the family are socially constructed. The roles pllayed by men and women in any history poont may seem natural and inevitable. When you look back to the past, you see how much its changed according to the reguirements of society and the needs of families at particular times. During the latter of the 20th century the views began to change but still stained ideologies from the past they still exist ath the brink of...
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