Gender inequality

Topics: Gender, Glass ceiling, Discrimination Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: October 13, 2013

Gender Inequality and Sexism in the Work Place.
Introduction to Sociology 201
Social Problem

Despite over the past three decades of equal pay legislation, wage disparities continue to present at disturbingly high rates. Given the current state of the economy, the economic inequality significant consequences on the individual and family system are on the rise (Sun Reporter, 2004). Many believe and have argued that men and women are equal, but statistics show that inequalities are still present through gender biases and the higher position jobs obtained by men from perceptions and outdated, traditional views. These inequalities are caused by established gender roles, which attribute masculinity to leadership roles what results in few women in managerial jobs.

Cause and Perspectives
Gender Bias
In the American society, it’s been instilled in people that men are the bread winners and women take care of the children and house hold duties. This enduring effect of favoring men and the unfair treatment of women is the primary cause to these biases. The main cause of gender biases, are rooted from cultural beliefs (Bobbitt-Zeher, Donna 2011). From a sociological perspective, there are two theories that show disadvantage against women. One theory is the Social Role Theory, and the second is “Role the Congruity Theory.” The Social Role Theory is when administrators have an expectation with society that leaders require strong technical and relational skills, but also having a general standpoint of masculinity. With further research, women are less likely to be perceived as having these male-typed qualities, which forms a gender stereotype against women, giving them a disadvantage for top management positions. This Theory argues that there is behavior for a leader, such as assertiveness, which is connected to the traits of men. Managers may believe women don’t posses enough of these men-like traits and will prevent them on being prompted to management...

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