gender inequalities-Why women can

Topics: Woman, Gender, Women's suffrage Pages: 4 (1616 words) Published: May 14, 2014
Why Women Can
“Women are not only more likely to be the primary caregivers in a family. Increasingly, they are primary breadwinners, too” (Rampell). As per the research conducted on women, more than one-third of the working mothers are now the primary breadwinners. In fact, they are earning more money than their husbands. Though few people are not happy with these changes due to their old thoughts, the number of working mothers is increasing drastically compared to previous years. Why are the majority of women in our society still stuck in the “housewife” stereotype? Why hasn’t our culture changed like other countries have? The stereotypical view of women in our society as housewives and inferior workers misrepresents the capabilities and results achieved by women today. Women’s rise as breadwinner provides more financial strength and stability to the family. On the other hand, few people still believe that it is better for men to focus on breadwinning and women on homemaking. The women’s trend of being a primary breadwinner is increasing because the larger number of women are earning higher degrees and entering the workforce. “Women are the primary breadwinners in nearly 40% of families with children under the age of 18” this information was recently released in a report from the Pew Research Center, however, this doesn’t apply to the U.S. and the question is why, if women in other countries can, why cant we? We contradict our selves, we are one of the most developed and advanced countries in the world and still deal with this big issue in our society. We are letting men have all the power and control our lifestyle, is that what we want for our children? Sarah Jane Glynn, an analyst with the Center for American Progress, told the Washington Post that the recent recession accelerated the trend. “Part of what’s happening is that more men have been getting laid off and are having difficulty finding work…And with the way the recovery’s played out, some men who...
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