Gender Identity Paper

Topics: Gender, Gender identity, Sexual orientation Pages: 3 (1057 words) Published: August 19, 2013
Gender Identity Paper
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Laura Tena
Manon Doll
July 8, 2013

Gender Identity Paper
When one is approached on the topic of gender identity, it may take their mind into a million places, but with scientific study the answers come with complicated return. This is all very new and continually will be close study. In 1940, the only way to give gender identity to the baby was during delivery and whether they had a penis or vagina, the other births were thought of as birth defects. That was just 70 years ago! Granted we come along way, but still have a long way to go. Gender identity seems to have everything to do with genetics, and sex chromosomes (Pinel, 2009). Till this day a policy of optimal gender has been implicated in which assignment is based on our reproductive abilities. Irrespective it is all about genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors involved and sexual differentiation is the crucial element to elucidating the more convoluted subjects of gender identity and sexual orientation. (Cohen-Kettenis, 2005). According to (Pinel, 2009) when the 23 single chromosomes of male sperm and female ovum combined to produce a genetically exclusive human zygote, along with 23 pair of chromosomes, the 23rd chromosome decides the genetic sex. However if the alleles of the 23rd chromosomes each have an X, this will be a zygote genetically a female. When there is one X and one Y then zygote is genetically a male. Abnormality’s from standard XX/XY dichotomy include “Turners syndrome” of only one X allele, ““Klinefelters syndrome” of one extra X or Y allele, and extra X chromosomes that are triple, tetra and penta (Pinel, 2009). In some causes these syndromes can cause psychological, and sexual abnormalities, starting anywhere from premature menopause to mental retardation, and violent tendencies’. Hormones have a big part in our behavior and have critical phases in development can alter the way nan...

References: Pinel, J.P.J (2009) Biopsychology (7th Ed.) Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.
Cohen-Kettenis, p. (2005). Psychological long term outcome in intersex conditions
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