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Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 1 (569 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Vasudev Nambury
AP Language and Composition
6 March 2014
Within our society, women have as much freedom as men. Equality and freedom is something which has made America famous, especially passing marriage equality laws within recent years. Yet in other cultures women have limited, or even no rights at all. In the Islamic Middle Eastern countries, viewpoints of equality are much different and much more traditional than liberal. Gender segregation is everywhere, women don’t have the right to travel, get employed or even open a bank account without their male guardian’s permission. This is abnormal compared our society where women are viewed equally and have as many opportunities as men. To do anything women need a male guardian within countries under Muslim Law. What defines this male guardian? It is typically a father, brother or husband. In Saudi Arabia, women can’t travel without being accompanied by men until the age of 45. It is illegal for women in Saudi Arabia to drive, but they can be driven by their guardian. Typical reasons on why it’s illegal are: Driving a car may lead to unwanted male interaction, Women driving cars won’t give a chance for younger males to drive and even that it may lead to erosion of traditional values, such as gender segregation. It is also illegal for women to take public transport. Also common in countries with Muslim Law is gender segregation which is seen everywhere from the local McDonald’s, to even personal homes. It is to keep wives, sisters, and daughters away from “stranger men”. It goes to the extreme that to enter one’s home, there is separate doors for males and females. The public, more open spaces within the house is reserved for men, whereas the secluded space is where women usually tend to stay. There are usually two separate areas for dining within restaurants: One for males with families-which is usually a private room-and one for males without families. There is inequality in the work...
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