Gender Equality

Topics: Woman, Gender, Female Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: August 29, 2014
Paying more attention to the differences between boys and girls, or men and women, starts getting people to have many ideas about them. The question remains whether we should ignore them or not. I don’t blame the family in the rural Canada for making the girl feel like she’s nothing more than just a girl, because simply these people there could be ignorant. There is a difference of course between men and women, but not that one is inferior to the other, rather as equal but distinct beings. Right before writing my opinion about boys and girls, I asked my dad whether he though there was a difference, and that maybe a girl is a girl because of influence and experience. He told me how he used to take my sister and me to Toys‘r’Us when we were small. He would bring us to what he thought were the cool toys such as mechanical gadgets and how we wouldn’t even look at them and directly walk off like zombies to the Barbie section. This explains how maybe it is in our genes, which bring off a kind of barrier, a difference between a boy, and a girl. Now maybe feminists take it a little to the extreme about female rights, but isn’t that because people (mostly men) have taken the difference between boys and girls to an extent where they forget about equality and what woman are really capable of doing? I still believe that there are many ways of stereotyping men and women these days, even as distinct as they were in the rural Canada in the selection. It is possible, but I believe the more educated we are, the less we will care about whether we are a man or a woman. In some countries, it is the communities’ traditions which still give to men more rights and privileges than to women. This is mostly because people in those areas are not yet socially evolved to the Western level. For example, in Saudi Arabia woman wont dare revolt or express their ideas of what’s really unfair or unethical to them or not. We need to stop buying into the myth about gender equality. It isn't a...
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