Gender Equality

Topics: Gender, Woman, India Pages: 2 (654 words) Published: September 12, 2010

AN 18 YR OLD PEON IN MY UNCLE’S AGENCY named Suresh was to tie the nuptial knot because his father felt that a dowry of one lakh from the bride would help pay off their debts. Also since Suresh’s ailing mother could no longer take up the household responsibilities, the daughter in law of the house would be the ultimate choice- the ultimate choice for an unpaid servant.

So here the story stands- but today when I disclose to you that after six months of marriage Suresh’s wife has been burnt to death for an inexplicable reason, none of us will be shocked or even surprised. Infact, none of us are even reacting because the fact is- where womens rights are concerned- we have now become accustomed , accustomed to being INDIFFERENT.

Good morning i am samoneh khan and I am here to strongly propose the notion that gender equality is most definitely a MYTH.

61 years of independence.. and we still see Indian women relying on ‘men’ to acquire equal status in society. Those men who are chiefly “ responsible” for torturing and dominating women. THOSE men who consider women their doormats and THOSE men who fear that WOMENS LIBERATION will only lead to their devastation. The Indian constitution and legislative framework grants women and men equal rights. In the eyes of the law, they are supposedly on par. But look around- is that truly happening? Do men and women in India, indeed share equal rights???

Despite the incalculable number of guarantees and safeguards, doesn’t gender inequality in India still remain a distressing reality?

As John-Thor Dahlburg in his book, points out, "in rural India, the centuries-old practice of female infanticide can still be considered a wise course of action." In the nearly 300 poor hamlets of the Usilampatti area of Tamil Nadu [state], as many as 196 girls died under suspicious circumstances [in 1993] ... Some were fed dry, unhulled rice that punctured their windpipes, or were...
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