Gender Disparities

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Running Head: Gender Disparities Towards Female Workers in El Paso

Gender Disparities Towards Female Workers in El Paso

Women have struggled to have their voice heard and recognized for many century’s. All though we have come a long way from 200 years ago women in the work force still have obstacles of gender inequality that may need to be attended to at this time. Our research proposal aims to study the disparities, between several quantitative factors of the working women in the El Paso area and those of their male counterparts with a feminism perspective. These factors include pay, work hours and benefits. We will also attempt to qualitatively record some of these women’s personal feelings about their positions and work experience and how all factors - quantitative and qualitative affect their perceived levels of respect in the workplace. We hope our findings will uncover any unfair practices in gender equality in the workforce, should they exist, as well as an understanding of the ways in which these inequalities affect the perceptions of the women experiencing them.

Gendered Disparities in the Workforce
Women have gone through a struggle that may not be fully conceived and understood in our past and within our society. Since our history mainly consists of a male biased perspective Feminist theory will be core objective of this research. Hakim (2006) investigates how sex differences between men and women are still palpable in the workforce, whether it’s the glaring pay gap or the discrimination while working. It’s still quite present today as it was in the past Although as a society we can say we have came along way just from a century ago. Hakim asserts that the fight for gender rights is a great never ending struggle and notes how women in the workforce are constantly fighting for equality despite the fact of achieving leadership positions but still being perceived as inferior to men at work (Hakim, 2006). Chin (2011) presents the notion of identity that deals directly with leadership; mainly talking about how who we are affects who we are as a leader. With leadership struggles there comes the constant struggle between men and women and how sexism in the workplace happens. Literature Review

Feminist theory has had a rough past and has struggled to become a credible source within the academic world. Feminism has not only had to struggle with credibility but has also had to fight to be viewed through the academic lens in regards to history and culture in order to obtain the recognition it deserves. Your average individual that is not college educated may not perceive the inequality differences between genders that are still prevalent in our modern times. However, it is fair to say that as a society we have come a long way. The first lady to bring up this radical idea of feminist theory is credited to Mary Wollstonecraft. Josephine (1941)

mentions Mary Wollstonecraft is credited for making the first major work of justification based on equality on all aspects of women life. Her work at the time is targeted at the French prime minister in 1792 stating that women are not created equal in the French constitution. Her work was discredited for they believed in the natural rights doctrine that God made it that way (Josephine, 1941). Wollstonecraft also believes that the most important agenda for all feminism theory is to provide “proper education [and] proper training in critical thinking” (p. 9). This will allow women to be able to know and understand their own situation and not let the truth be obscured or tainted and to also take control of their own life’s so they can learn to be independent. When we take a glimpse at the current modern feminist you can see that the agenda has been the same but has changed in a different ways as time passes. This ideology is a dominant aspect of feminism theory and is still valuable and credible to this day. But...
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