Gender discrimination

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Final Paper: Gender Discrimination in HR
Gender discrimination has been an issue for many years in our society. Gender, is referred to “the personal traits and social positions that members of a society attach to being female or male” (Macionis, 2008). Throughout history and till this day, there has been unequal distribution of power, wealth, and privilege among men and women especially in the work place. A functionalist might say that there is a function for the gender differentiation. There are jobs that need to be done, where some are more suitable for men than women and vice versa. On the contrary, a conflict theorist would reply that women have low status because they have been exploited by powerful men for the work they do and the children they provide. The difference between male and female is socially created and defined by numerous types of cultures.

In our society, males are sought to be as the provider of the household who work to support their family, maintain control, they’re “active,” and “competitive.” Therefore, men are encouraged to hold leadership positions and play sports. Whereas women are the caretakers of the children and family, they do the housework, they’re more “submissive,” “passive” and “emotional.” In turn they’re expected to stay home, be supportive helpers, and be quick to show their feelings, as stated in the textbook. According to Martha C. Nussbaum, in her book, Women and Human Development, she states that women “are treated as mere instruments of the ends of others - reproducers, caregivers, sexual outlets, agents of a family’s general prosperity.” They are not treated fairly with the respect they deserve from institutions and laws.

Gender inequality is predominately seen in the work force. The work performed by the two sexes is defined to be very different. The U.S. Department of Labor (2007) reported a list of the ten jobs with the highest concentration of women in 2006. Some of the occupations are preschool or...

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