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Gender Discrimination

By aaelieya Mar 10, 2013 536 Words
Gender discrimination is discrimination against a person or group on the grounds of sex or gender identity. Socially, sexual differences have been used to justify societies in which one sex or the other has been restricted to significantly inferior and secondary roles. While there are non-physical differences between men and women (gender is learned not genetics), unfair discrimination usually follows the gender stereotyping held by a society and is used to enforce the roles held by that society as acceptable. Gender is a common term where as gender discrimination is meant only for women, because females are the only victims of gender discrimination. Gender discrimination is not biologically determined but it is determined by socially and the discrimination can be changed by the proper and perpetuate efforts. Denial of equality, rights and opportunity and suppresment in any form on the basis of gender is gender discrimination. Half of the world’s population is females. They are doing two-third of work of the total work in the world but received only one-tenth of the world’s total income. Nearly two-third of the women is illiterates and they have possessed only one percent of the total world’s assets. In the world only one-fourth of the families are headed by female. India is a male dominant society and gender discrimination is customised habitually.

Women suffer sex based violence throughout their life cycle .Pre-Birth there is sex selective abortion; battering during pregnancy (emotional and physical effects on the woman; effects on birth outcome); coerced pregnancy. In Infancy sex based infanticide; emotional and physical abuse; differential access to food and medical care can be seen. In Girlhood, child marriage; genital mutilation; sexual abuse by strangers and family members; differential access to food and medical care; child prostitution are getting common. During Adolescence dating and courtship violence; economically coerced sex; sexual abuse in the workplace; rape and sexual harassment are seen. Women are forced for prostitution. Similarly in Reproductive Age and elderly age, women are raped; abused for dowry and murdered. Partner homicide; psychological abuse; sexual abuse; sexual harassment; forced abortion are all done with women. Thus women are always discriminated from men and are abused socially and sexually. They are given lesser opportunities than men in every field.

From web to death females are facing lots of discrimination against them. Some of them are
Abortion of female gravida with the help of scanning.
Feoticide (By giving liquid extract from cactus / opuntia, giving raw paddy to new born female baby, by pressing the face by pillow or by breaking the female baby’s neck)
Not giving enough and nutritious food
Not allowing to go to school (Denial of education)
Not giving needy health care while in ill health
Early marriage
Eve teasing, Rape and Sexual harassment
Divorce, Destitution even for silly or without any reason.
Causes of Gender Discrimination
The causes of gender discrimination are
Educational backwardness
Religious beliefs
On the name of family history
Customs and beliefs
Low income
Family situation and
Like male or even above them female plays important role in the family and national development. But her contribution is not recognized by the male dominant society.

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