Gender Differences in Shopping

Topics: Retailing, Shopping mall, Gender Pages: 3 (1335 words) Published: January 31, 2010
Gender Differences in Shopping
Gender differences in humans can be observed everywhere; one of the most noticeable differences is an activity that many people participate in - shopping. I personally enjoy shopping even though I don’t have a lot of time to do so. When I shop, I like to go with my friends because sometimes their opinion on what I’m shopping for matters to me. I find it interesting to see that men and women have completely different shopping habits even though when it comes down to shopping for the same items. There are many companies that observe the shopping behaviour of consumers and analyze the information to give retailers a better idea of changes they can make to draw more customers in, to make them stay longer and see more products as well as influence their buying decisions and get them to return time after time. I believe that finding out the shopping differences between men and women can contribute to the overall success of a business.

Let’s talk about some of the habits of male shoppers that I have found in my friends. First of all, a lot of my guy friends usually know exactly what they’re looking for when we go shopping together. Whether if they’re buying a game, shoes, clothes, or even food, they already know where they’re going. It seems to me that they plan everything out before they actually commit themselves into going to the mall to make the purchase. Moreover, I believe that men look on shopping as a mission. The brain gives them an assignment; they locate the target, secure the target, make the payment and exit the location as quickly as possible. Also most of my guy friends shop alone or with other guys, they dislike shopping with women because they think we take too long, which I won’t discuss why till later on. Men seldom compare prices. Men don’t care if the item is on sale, and rarely compares quality.
Another interesting theory that I have came up with is the “hunter and gatherer” theory. Way back in...
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