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Gender Differences in Learning Styles

By vaseline92 Oct 17, 2011 408 Words
I believe that every individual is different in their own ways and personality. Especially human are differs in gender; men and women; boys and girls; females and males. Gender is one of the factors that affect achievement in their education achievement. The term gender refers to economic, social, political and cultural attributes and opportunities associated with being male and female. In most societies, men and women differ in activities they undertake, in access to and control of resources and in participation in decision making. And most society’s women as a group has a less access than men to resources, opportunities and decision making (Desprez-Bouanchaud at Al 1987, p 20-21). There are differences in how girls and boys learn. Students have their own individual learning styles preferences. Learning styles has been globally researched nowadays. According to Claudia Cornett, 1983: 9 it means the overall patterns that give general direction to learning behaviour. These pattern can be use to learn a new language –or any other subject.

The issues that I am trying to pertaining here is do men and women learn in a different way and/or have different favoured habits of learning? Are there male and female preferences in learning styles embedded in evolutionary biology/ or overpowering social differences. Is there any relationship between gender, learning styles and their academic performances? I ask these questions because the answers may be different to what we actually think it is. It is clear that this issue has been widely research before. Widespread pragmatic research has been conducted in the field of education and gender ever since the mid 1960s. The importance of these issues is by understanding the relationship between gender and their learning styles, I as a future teacher; this research can help me to understand students better. Through this research, a teacher can differ their ways of teaching between the males and the females. In the past decade the research did shows gap in their learning styles through all the assessed questions and research. By analysing the differences learning styles in gender, this may also help to improve the academic improvement in education field no matter if it is male or female. Through this research also it may help to improve a student motivation and performance to adapt teaching approaches. As a future teacher, we need to find ways to develop instruction at all levels of education to improve student learning, maintenance and motivation.

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