Gender Communications Final Paper: Disney & Aladdin

Topics: The Walt Disney Company, Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney Pages: 4 (1699 words) Published: October 20, 2010
Today Disney owns a media conglomerate which includes television and radio networks, cable systems, websites, music and production companies, magazines, sports teams, theaters, publishing and licensing companies, hotels and of course theme parks. This allows Disney to exert major influences on the younger population, popular culture and specifically the families that have young children. Should Disney have the power to control the imagination and influence the thoughts of our children/younger generations? Through their control of television and movies there are able to promote negative stereotypes about the education and status of woman. Regarding this particular film, this can be interpreted to specifically target the Arabic regions and population. This especially reflects on the subject of arranged marriages.

While researching on this subject I came across Dr. Alvin Poussint & Dr. Henry Giroux who both have views against Disney and there huge power of controlling the minds of our younger generation. In the movie Mickey Mouse Monopoly , Dr. Alvin states “Children have been raised for generations now on Disney” as our society continues to grow, we evolved in the way(s) we learn, communicate, live, etc. They claim that many Disney movies encapsulate the younger generations as they evolve and that they continue to bring the same base message to each generation. Since the 1930’s messages from the film industry have sent created certain types of messages to each generation. The question is, has Disney really made that much of an influence on our society’s as Dr. Alvin Poussint & Dr. Henry Giroux have claimed? I believe, to a very light extent they certainly have an interesting opinion, but they have also stretched a little too far. After studying the movie Aladdin I began to see how certain negative condensations of woman and how it came across to the viewer. Possibly, because I’m a man and that I look at this movie a certain way. But when I reflect watching the...
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