Gender Comminication

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Woman Pages: 4 (1286 words) Published: December 29, 2008
Name: Senem Tugce Aksoy

ID: 20080472

Course: Comm 101

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Write a Synthesis Essay on Gender Communication

Instructor: Vicky Taylor

Submitted on: 12-22-2008

Humans intended to reach God, as he was there just above the ground. There, they got their punishments at the Tower of Bable, where their languages were confused so that they could not interact. Although the Bible includes this story of separation of languages of races, there is neither evidence nor legend on how the languages of men and women were separated. However, women and men too almost have their own vocabulary along with words referred specifically to each. The crucial question is what made Mr. Man the powerful protector that Miss. or Mrs. Woman took shelter under his name. In other words as Alleen Pace Nilsen suggests in her article “Sexism in English” which ancient fact made woman “the witch” that is evil and plays with magic but man “the wizard” who is skillful (73) or as Robin Lakoff describes in her article “Talking Like a Lady” is it the gender that makes women and men describe the color of the same wall in such different words (78). The computer algorithm presented by Clive Thompson in his article “He and She: What’s the Real Difference” that identifies men and women authors by detecting choice of words is a clear evidence of the existence of two languages. Considering the intersection of the three articles, it is inevitable to not agree with the fact that women and men use different vocabulary based on their genders and perspectives of life and they are referred with different symbols through history because of their roles in community and the expectations on their gender and the only buffer for the language pool is to neutralize their roles, genders and expectations.

There is no doubt that, women and men have different choice of words while expressing themselves, making a request and showing...
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