Gender Bias in the Nursing Profession

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Gender bias is common in nursing. It is my own experience of facing gender bias in my own institution. When I was working as an Instructor in my institution, there was opportunity to for me to get promotion but was denied and it was given to a female colleague. As I was working there for last three years with an out standing performance for all those years in my opinion and that of many others, it was my right to promoted to that post. But the head of my institute had promoted a female who had less experience and lower level of performance although she had same qualification. I was in shock and she did not give me any reason for that. As cited in Rasch, Sherrod, Sherrod (2006)“ the barriers confronted by men in nursing school are pervasive, consistent and have changed surprising little during the past few decades” ( pp 47). My view point is that, gender bias is occurring in nursing education as well as nursing practice. Gender bias in nursing is common in Pakistan. There are no male on higher position in nursing in Pakistan. There are few institutions in Pakistan you can find male but they are not in high position in nursing. Different literatures have shown that men experiences gender bias in nursing education and services, as according to BBC news only 10% of male are in nursing. It means that it is difficult for male who wants to do nursing. Nursing all over the world has always been female dominated profession. As cited in Rasch (2005) “a number of gender barriers for men in the nursing education process, mainly due to feminization of this process and the profession” (pp47). It should be acknowledged those females are in great numbers then male in nursing. But it does not mean that male should be suppressed in nursing and their rights should be violated. Moreover, another cause of gender bias is of social isolation and male are not acknowledged a vital part of nursing. This is supported by Rasch (2005) “no history of men in nursing was presented in texts or the classroom and textbooks and faculty referred to the nurse as “she rather than she/he” (pp-28). In history of nursing you will not find any history of male nurses who worked for nursing profession. These books always discuss about role of women in nursing and their work. Even other health care members are worried about their presence in nursing. When male joins nursing, they are facing problems like adjusting in a female dominated profession. They are worried as to whether they will be accepted in nursing and by other health care members. The doctors are also having problem with them and they feel that, female nurses should take care of their patients. You can get expert help with your essays right now. Find out more... Male nurses are facing different problem in both government and private settings among which are, disrespect of male nurses and discrimination therefore, given less or denied opportunities for growth and development in the profession. Here in Pakistan in some provinces male nurses are not hired and administrations give preferences to female nurses. As all the major posts are held by the male doctors in hospitals and they don’t want any male nurses. Because they are afraid of being challenged and they will show resistance at any mistake done by them. According to Morgan, McMillian, Ament (2006) “the experience of male nurse as minority group seems to be that of encountering a lack of social approval, acceptance and adequate role models beginning in nursing school. Perceptions of threats to sexuality, role strain, social isolation and different performance expectations reported by male nursing students indicate that little has changed within nursing profession” (pp101). Even female nurses are not accepting and recognizing the role of male in nursing. They show disrespect to them and not consider them as nurses. There are many stereotypes regarding male in nursing like they are not caring and so they cannot give care to the...

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