Gender Bias in the Classroom

Topics: Education, Woman, Female Pages: 3 (837 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Leobardo Alfaro
Mr. Lewis
English 1301-005
16 July 2012
Gender Bias in the Classrooms
In the essay “Hidden Lessons,” this appears in the textbook From Inquiry to Academic Writing, Mayra and David Sadker stands content that gender bias in classrooms damages female students. They lose their self-esteem, attitude towards teachers can change and their education is compromised. When teachers were being observed in their classroom settings it showed that they tend to gravitate more toward male students than the female students. The male students seem to be getting the better hand in the classroom they would get more of the teacher’s attention, energy, and time. Female students are the majority of our nation’s school children, but are given less teacher interaction. Until this is changed more than half of the children’s education will be shorted and society will be lost on their gifts.

“Dateline chose to show a segregated math group: boys sitting on the teacher’s right side and girls on her left. After giving the math book to a girl to hold open at page of examples, the teacher turned her back to the girls and focused on the boys, teaching them active and directly. Occasionally she turned to girl’s side, but only to read examples in the book… had unwittingly transformed the girls into passive spectators, an audience for the boys.” (Sadker 54) Girls in this classroom are of the examples of how their teacher favors the boys and the girls get the short end of the stick. When these girls get denied their time in the classroom what is their left to do? Maybe in this certain classroom there aren’t as many girls as boys so; the teacher focuses more on the boys. Maybe the teacher feels that the boys in the class need more attention because they are more behind in their education. Either way girls shouldn’t have to have their teacher’s favoritism towards the boys. When the girl’s education is compromised that means their future is in jeopardy, when they don’t get the...
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