gender and work

Topics: Gender, Sexism, Discrimination Pages: 4 (2722 words) Published: October 31, 2014
Use one example of an organisation or issue you are familiar with to explore in what ways is gender relevant for work and organisation in the 21st century? How is Gender discrimination relevant in the medical profession in the 21st century? In this essay I will to draw upon a key area of gender & work by using an example of an issue I am familiar with to explore why gender is relevant to work and organisations in the 21st century. This essay will provide a theoretical analysis in relation to Gender discrimination inside the medical profession. The main body of literature will include an introduction into gender and the professional medical field,reasons behind discrimination in the profession, key examples of the issue and the effects it has on the medical industry. To conclude I aim to identify what I've learnt during my research and findings and to negotiate future directions for research in the medical field. My reflective analysis will contain my opinion on findings and I will discuss how the key issue could effect me as an individual in future employment. I aim to look at the chosen topic from different perspectives and take into account every opinion in order to address the question effectively. Gender discrimination is treating an individual less favourably because of their sex, or due to the sex of someone who they are associated with. Sex discrimination is against the law and is problematic inside the working environment (Caceres-Rodriguez, Rick 2013). Peoples assumptions and individuals attitudes are moulded due to modern society culture and views on gender expectation. Gender discrimination can be undertaken through pay differences, the right to further training and in bias selection of promotion and recruitment (Acas- Sex discrimination, 2010). Sex discrimination also includes behaving or treating an employee or applicant in a different manner because he or she does not conform to the regular notion of felinity or masculinity. Discrimination...

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