Gender and the Media Notes

Topics: Gender, Sexism, Gender role Pages: 3 (509 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Gender and the Media

Video: “Misrepresentation”
* Women are seen as sex objects in movies, music videos, ect. * Socializing boys to being a man means to be powerful
* G rated movies women are seen wearing more revealing clothing than R rated movies * More then 20% of teens have sex before the age of 14
* “You don’t have to use your sexuality in order to attain power in the world” * Women have to change their image in order to be “good enough” for television * All observations to the first women anchor were about her physical appearance not what she was broadcasting * Women on the news give the appearance that they work as a cocktail waitress instead of a news anchor. * There’s a lot of pressure today to look your best on television * The more power women gain, the more powerful their backlash * Media treats power and defined by men

* The press evaluates how women look instead of what they discuss * Women are described as being more emotional then men which disables women from holding leadership positions since they are seen as “unstable” and “can’t do the job” * “A women in power is seen as a negative thing”

* The media has always been in the hands of men
* Negative words were always referred to women in the movie


Gender and Power:
* Power involves some sort of status
* Power involves control over others through influence and resources * Often considered almost synonymous with masculinity
* Masculinity may involve giving up cooperation, emotional expression, and empathy, which can lead to unhealthy relationships and problems at work (for both men and women)

Women in Power:
* Women in powerful positions are criticized for either being too masculine for a women or too feminine to be a leader * Female leadership tends to go unnoticed
* “Double Marginality”: women in positions of power feel alienated

Barriers to Women’s Success:
* Women are often...
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