“Gender” and the Importance of “the Social Construction of Gender.”

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: April 22, 2013
“Gender” and the Importance of “The Social Construction of Gender.”

Gender is an individual's natural sense of themselves existing as a male or female, which may hold opposing views from their biological sex. I believe sex and gender are two terms used interchangeably. Sex implies the biological characteristics among females and males. Whereas gender implies the social qualities connected with being a female or male. As Lorber states, “I am arguing that bodies differ physiologically, but they are completely transformed by social practices to fit into the salient categories of a society, the most persuasive of which are’female’ and ‘male’ and ‘women’ and ‘men’.” (pg. 11) An emphasis on gender not only exposes knowledge about women and men’s different familiarities; it also illustrates the embedded politics and stereotypes about men and women. Social construction of gender is generally conferred by the distinction of biological differences of males and females. Such as, men are biologically aggressive and women are rather more passive. Gender is socially constructed and a product of sociocultural impacts all the way through an individual's growth. Gender identity can be modified by and detached from one society to another varying on the individual’s dedication to their society and their weigh on the view of females and males. Frequently people mistake or misappropriate the terms gender and sex. To make the discrepancy more concise one could deliberate that we inherit the sex but we learn our gender. Gender could be a fundamental characteristic of society and the sociological importance of gender that it is a system by which society governs its associates. Gender comparable to social class and race can be expended to socially classify individuals and even steer to prejudice and discrimination. When there is a distinction in the behavior of people centered on their sex, many would express this as sexism. This inequality around the world demonstrates that gender...
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