Gender and Sexuality

Topics: Human, Female, Male Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: November 7, 2006
Physical, mental and stereotypical aspects all contribute to construct what we as humans see as Gender. Gender denotes our identity sexually. Mentally we are Sexual and biologically we are sexual. Sexuality is the way we perceive gender in the world. Sexuality in the human way is the way we control ourselves according to our Gender.

Gender is the biological and Perceptional side of the human. Sexuality is the way we use our Gender. When we are born we are assigned a gender to follow through out our lives. You are Man or Woman. You will grow up and coordinate yourself to another person of gender (that's everyone).

Humans usually coordinate themselves in sexuality the same way. This usually instinctual, yet variations in different cultures occur. The Views of the Catholic Church regarding sexuality is much like every other society: A person of the gender known as MAN develops a connection with a person who identifies as the gender or WOMAN. Biologically, they difference is sex is for reproduction. People of gender (everyone) have the instinctual urge to reproduce. Instinct Drives Sexuality. In most cases through out the world, instinct drives ones sexuality to an attraction to a person of the opposite sex.

This whole gender sexuality thing creates an indifference between members between each sex. As society has moved forwards (or backwards?), many trivial questions and attitude have been raised by gender, about the opposite, gender. Luckily this hasn't led to any sort of genocidal Civil war to purge the world of the opposite sex…yet anyways. But the point is, sex is simple biomechanicalchemicalreactionthatmakesuswanttoreproduce…and the simple way to say it.

In our society today we have attributed many stereotypes to people of gender (once again… that's everybody). These little stereotypes are integrated into our brains, so for example, if we see an attractive member of the opposite sex, we imediatley think, that person I attractive. Why do we find...
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