Gender and Sexuality

Topics: Gender, Discrimination, Sexism Pages: 3 (1069 words) Published: January 3, 2014
Gender and Sexuality
In my English class we studied how women are biased in our society and around the world. We began by discussing how women are treated brutally by men at office, home, college etc. We also discussed about gender stereotypes and its effects in a society. The ad here, the one I am going to refer to in my written task has encouraged me to talk upon gender bias all over the world. We spent time in class discussing about the sexism and from where all women have been discriminated. We also asked ourselves and the conclusion to our discussion was that we women are discriminated from everywhere, we are excluded from the fields of professions and much other discrimination happens throughout. Gender bias has taken place in the media, in education, in schools, in sports. There is violence against women in the society all over. Moreover we also discussed ways in which one can prevent sexism. If we are responsible enough then we can get through difficulties and then face the world and all the sexists. An opinion column would be best for me to write and spread the awareness to the audience who are discriminating women from everything. I wanted to move from the specific problems I saw in this ad and speak about the issues women are facing in the twenty-first century . I read many articles and speech of Julie Mullins and her question to the audience “why is it still so bad and what can you do about it?” Julie Mullins portrayed her strong points and issues of the cause of gender discrimination. She also wrote on how to prevent girls being abandoned from their rights. So it not only contained her opinions but a call to action. I have analysed different forms of communication within the media, looking at a range of texts, from ads and opinion columns to documentaries and counter ads. Advertisements also change the way we think and feel. Sources
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