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Gender and Opposite Sex

By ali_schivaz Nov 04, 2013 419 Words
Introduced by a Greek philosopher named Plato.
Coeducation system- allows students to study under same roof removes any impartation between boys and girls
not discriminated on the basis of their sex.
Healthy competition:
competitive environment among the students of both sexes.
boys and girls to beat the opposite sex and to be declared as a winner advanced techniques in order to get better grades and jobs
Building confidence:
have got their education under co-education system are more confident as compared to the students who have been learning in single sex school system throughout their educational career learned under co-education system they freely interact with opposite sex and do not hesitate or feel uncomfortable in their presence enables them to share their ideas, removal of differences and also creates team spirit among them it also promotes mutual understanding between them. Preparation of real world:

opposite sexes to freely interact with each other which is an essential and mandatory skill for all adults who are working and living in a society different sexes should not fee annoyed in the presence of opposite gender they should feel comfortable especially when they are discussing something with the opposite gender, they should also feel comfortable while socializing with the different sex friendly environment

by simply combining male and female students in classes we can create a very friendly environment being exposed to multiple behavior and attitudes enables to survive in the world and it also advances open mindedness in them. single sex education system remain hesitant to take part in discussion in the presence of opposite sex. opportunities in different activities with opposite sex peers which boost their self-confidence.

Respect for opposite sex:-
     If the students of opposite sex interact with each other on regular basis it encourages and cultivates a relationship of respect among them this kind of environment discourages the discrimination on the basis of sex and gives them a chance to work on equal level and it also enhances their ability to think and work efficiently. More economical:

no need to build separate institutes for males and females
we don’t have to arrange different teachers to teach them
can get more output by spending less through co-education system. Boys engagement: 
     Research shows that boys in co-education environment are more eager and enthusiastic as compared to males learning in single sex education system behave well with girls and gain respect from them and the group assignments and discussions provides them a chance to learn from each other socially and intellectually. 

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