Gender and Family Assignment

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Gender, Female Pages: 3 (927 words) Published: October 4, 2010
Assignment Gender and Family
Gender and family have a huge affect on the actions of our juveniles. Juveniles delinquency is based on gender, because depending on the gender of the juvenile depends on what type of values where instilled within the juveniles. Also, the family has a huge affect on the action of the juveniles, because that all depends on the values of the family. The two intertwine and in this paper I will show you how the each affects the delinquency of the juveniles. Gender affects delinquency in different ways through socialization, cognitive, and personality differences. The way both males and females are socialized affects their development, according to our text. Males usually learn to value independence, whereas females are taught about self-worth, which depends on their ability to sustain a relationship. Females unlike males usually run the risk of losing themselves in a relationship, because they feel that is their main purpose is to sustain a relationship. Also females are more likely to be targets of sexual and physical abuse, due to the values that have been instilled within them. The cognitive differences between males and females begin in their childhood. Typically males excel much faster in assess the ability to manipulate visual images in the working memory, and females usually excel in areas that require retrieval from long-term memory and the acquisitions and use of verb information. For instance girls tend to begin speak and have a better vocabulary than boys, because parents usually talk more to their daughter than they do their sons. Also girls are less likely to have problems with reading, but boys will less likely have problem with standardized math test. Boys within the United States also are more likely than girls to be dyslexic. However even with the scientific barriers girls have they can still be taught to increase their visual spatial. The cognitive differences can be altered by the cultural expectations and even the...
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