Gender and Culture

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Ronald Rattler
English Composition II
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Gender and Culture
Anne Kingston’s “In Her Place” is an article of a woman who made it to the top in a male dominated profession. In the United States, women have made great advances in all fields. But they still face an uphill battle in certain fields of work. But gender stereotypes are still there. How far have women really come? I think that women have not gained the same kind of equality as Marissa Mayer because of lack of education and luck. “Only 19 Fortune 500 companies are run by women; slightly more than half have children” (Kingston 88). Only two percent of CEO’s are women. “The number of new female degree-holders still lags behind that of men, who earned 92,000 degrees in 2008–09” (“Female”). That is not the only area where women lag behind men; salaries and promotions for female MBAs have not kept pace with those of male MBAs, causing some to question the value of an MBA for women”(“Female”). ” Some business analysts claim that the gap is a result of female MBAs not being given a fair chance in the business world just because they are women” (“Female”). “Yet what occupied headlines was not Mayer’s stellar professional accomplishments, but her gynecological ones” (Kingston 88). Although the idea that western society has engrained in every American boy’s head from a very early age is that we are to be the sole bread winner of the household, well that idea is out of the window, there are more and more men running the home. Women have become important in life from birth, and society continues to push gender roles. In most upbringings the husband is thought to be the breadwinner and the wife’s income is seen as extra, which is how a woman is paid a much lower salary. A woman would get told that their company is doing corporate reorganization and they will no longer be needed, even though they did a better job for twenty percent less pay and a hundred percent more hassle and...

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Kingston, Anne In Her Place. Maclean’s [serial online]. 12/17/2012, Vol.125 Issue 48/49, p88-88,1p.
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