Gender Analysis

Topics: Feminism, Feminist theory, Gender Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: September 1, 2013

Course leader: Haldis Haukanes

Books: Connell, R., 2009. Gender. Cambridge, Polity Press. Chapters 1,3,4, 5, 6, 7

Articles and Book Chapters: Annfelt, Trine. 2008. The ‘new’ father: gender equality as discursive resource for family policies. In: Melby, Ravn and Wetterberg, Gender equality and welfare politics in Scandinavia. The limits of political ambition? Bristol: The policy Press, pp 119-134 (15 pages) Arnfred, Signe. 2011. Women, Men and Gender Equality in Development Aid – Trajectories, Contestations. In: Kvinder og Kønforskning, pp 46-56 (10 pages) Blystad, Astrid and Moland, Karen Marie. 2009. Counting on Mother’s Love. The Global Politics of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV in Eastern Africa. In: Evaluations of Public Health Initiatives. P 447-479 (32 pages) Butler, Judith. 1999 [1990]. Gender trouble. Feminism and the Subversion of Identity, New York: Routledge. 3-22 (20 pages) Chant, Sylvia. 2011. The ‘feminization of poverty’ and the “feminization’ of anti-poverty programmes. Room for revision? In Visvanathean et al The Women, Gender and Development reader. 174-194 (20 pages) Connell, Robert.1995. Masculinites. Ch. 3. Cambridge: Polity Press, pages 67-81: (14 pages) Connell, Robert and Messerschmidt. 2005. Hegemonic Masculinity: Rethinking the Concept. In Gender and Society, pp 829-859 (25 pages) Cornwall, Harrison and Whitehead 2007: Gender myths and feminist fables: the struggle for interpretive power in gender and development. In: Development and Change, pp 1-20 (20 pages) Cornwall, Andrea and Sarah White. 2000. Men, Masculinities and Development. Politics, Policies and Practices. In: IDS Bulletin, pp. 1-6 Crenshaw, K.W. 1994. Mapping the margins: Intersectionality, Identity politics and Violence Against Women of Color. In: Fineman m. and R. Mytituk: The public nature of Private Violence. The Discovery of Domestic Abuse. London: Routlegde p. 93-120...
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