Gender Analysis

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“The drinking man”
I try to fit the mold of what a man is, maybe not in appearance, but when it comes to chivalry I do what my Dad told me. When I think of what it means to be a man I think of the Dos Equis most interesting man in the world which is ironic because we’re talking about advertising and gender stereotypes. We see plenty of ads that encourage “being the man your girlfriend wants you to be” or “get the girl he got” anything that aspires to getting the woman. Some go in the other direction where women are diving onto men, jumping from buildings, rolling out of cars just to smell the guy. Those ads usually only require using their product and only their product I’ve noticed. When the product tells you to aspire to be a man, it is a combination of different things, not only should you use their product but you should be literally “the most interesting man in the world”. Not a lot of studies of ads cover the stress put on men in media and even if it does it’s more of a brush through than anything. Now let me tell you why this ad puts stress on the common man to strive to be “the drinking man.” People/Layout/Color

Let’s set the scene for this ad. There is a woman sitting in a blue chair. Her hair is wind-blown; her lips are luscious, eyes blue and gaze seductive and confident. She has a fur coat loosely draped on her back with her legs crossed, arms folded, her fingers are painted red and a large gold watch on her right wrist. Her left hand has a blue and gold ring and a drinking glass in the other filled with what we can assume is the product. She seems to only have a black tank top on when speaking of clothes besides the fur coat (pants are not shown). The whole room is a full, bright; red it almost looks as if someone went in with Photoshop and changed the hue (which probably happened). The scotch is sitting on 4 bricks to the bottom right of her. On top of everything the phrase “The Drinking Man’s Scotch” is framed by two lines and underneath that is “Dewar’s” with another line underneath. In the bottom left it says “The drinking man drinks responsibly” in small subtext. If you want to see the ad follows this link The layout is something that is quite obvious but often overlooked because it seems so obvious. Layout

The layout frames this cluttered advertisement. The line above “The drinking Man’s scotch” cuts her head from the rest of the advertisement. The lines cause you to read this ad from top to bottom starting with her head then the text, her watch, then the drink then Dewar’s. The “Drinking” part of the main text forms as a line itself, framing the watch on her right hand and then hanging over the alcohol drawing your eye to both. The background is pure red and sets the ad in what seems to be either an old factory or perhaps a basement somewhere. This ad does a good job of making sure you see the most important parts of this ad. The text even covers the woman’s hand that is holding the drinking glass. Clearly how the alcohol looks isn’t the most important part of this ad. People

While the shot is straight on, her head is the only thing in the top of this article; which you could dive into deep meaning of her being dominant over the viewer and thus entailing royalty and sophistication but I think that’s just grabbing for loose points, it definitely makes you notice her face however. Her face is that of a model and as obvious as that is you have to realize what makes her face a “model’s face.” A model traditionally will have very defined bones in her face think of Angelina Jolie and that’s the kind of bone structure we’re talking about. Symmetry is another big thing in a model which this woman has. Her eyebrows lead right to the start of her nose and her lips are defined. When looking for a model or seeing who would make a model think of these things. What a model’s face also suggests is class. This woman isn’t just going to date any guy. She’s met other models,...
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