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Gender: Men vs Women

I would like to approach the topic: the superior gender. This topic brings up many heated discussions all around the world. In this presentation I will dig into the myths of gender to find out who the superior race really is. An important point in this battle is intelligence. It is well-known that women are under-represented in areas of achievement throughout past history: there are more men achieving distinctions of mental ability, from Nobel-prize winners to chess grandmasters. However, this has always been put down to poor educational opportunities women have had in the past and to their being handicapped by their upbringing, social pressures and active discrimination from men. It may also be significant that most top positions require an almost selfish dedication and sacrifice of time and energy – and many women choose to direct their energies towards family rather than career or other outside achievements. Furthermore, there is a tendency in our society to value scientific achievement above other areas and therefore assume that the people involved in science must be the most intelligent. It then follows that since science attracts more men, men must be more intelligent. However, there could be other reasons that women are under-represented in science which have nothing to do with their mental ability. It may be that science only attracts intelligent people of a certain personality traits and that these traits are more common in men. Women may simply not find the mental challenges presented by science interesting enough to want to engage in them. Men’s brains are 10-12% bigger than women's but this has nothing to do with intelligence. The reason why men need more neurons is for controlling their greater muscle mass and larger body size. However, females have more densely packed neurons in certain regions. Men have been awarded 545 out of the 557 Nobel prizes for science and usually they score higher on the arithmetic and science...

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