Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: June 5, 2014

Cultural Anthropology
Writing Assignment #2: Gender

The location I chose to observe behavior in a public setting was the food court at the Everett mall on Saturday April 26th from 1:00-1:20pm. The food court is packed with people bustling in and out amidst their shopping. It seems a universal for many to be looking at their phones. While I did make short observations about the mass group of people I decided to narrow in and focus on a few groups of people. The first couple of individuals I observed were a female and male. The female had her hair up in a clip and wore a red summer dress with long dangly crystal earrings and high healed sandals. She had a heavy amount of makeup on and had painted red nails a similar shade to that of her dress. The male had a short haircut and wore a blue t-shirt with ripped jeans, brown boots and a large watch on his left hand. The male maintained a ridged posture while the female would tend to slouch and would bend her knees periodically. Consistently positioning herself in a way that made her shorter than the male she was speaking to. The next group of people I observed was 4 females eating various foods. They each had their hair in a tight pony tail and were wearing athletic clothing (shorts, tennis shoes, and t-shirts with their last names on the back). They were deeply involved in conversation leaning closely in towards one another. The next group of I observed were four males and two females. The males wore either brown knee length shorts or jeans. Each of them had various short haircuts with the exception of one who had his hair in a tight ponytail. One of the females had shorts and a tank top on with French tip acrylic nails while the other had jeans and a deep V-neck cut shirt. They both had their hair down one had shoulder length strait hair while the other had a pixie cut. One of the males had his arm wrapped tightly around the female with long hair she in turn was leaning her head against his...
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