Topics: Gender, Gender role, Gender identity Pages: 4 (1567 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Are men and women that different? Are we really coming from different planets? The book ‘’ Men are from Mars Women are from Venus’’ by Dr. John Grey show us that men and women are so different that we can actually consider the fact that we come from different planets. That book is one of the bestsellers which show that many people ask themselves the same question trying to understand the differences between men and women. But in the film ‘Mars Venus or Planet Earth’; Michael S. Kimmel (who is among the leading researchers and writers on men and masculinity in the world today) changes the whole concept of gender and, argues that men and women are more similar than they are different. In the film, he talks about many issues like making gender visible to both women and men, white privileges, HIV/ AIDS, changes in women’s life. From the different issues he talked about, I choose to reflect on some themes he mentioned like gender role in child care, how culture changes the definition of gender and white privilege.

I always hear how men and women are different every day of my life, and I am sure most of us started knowing the difference from our younger age which creates a gender inequality and hence male domination. The determinant of gender role brings out another argument; women’s status in the society depends on many variables. The key determinant would be the division of labour around child care. This obviously limited the participation of women in social and economic. In my culture, even now you can still find in rural areas, girls who can’t go to school because boys are the only one to go to school. The only education that girls are supposed to get is the one that will help them in order to be a good wife and a good mother. In this kind of society, we can’t really say that women are free to do what they want which also increases the gap between men and women. For this problem, sociologist like Michael S. Kimmel shows that male dominance is...
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