Topics: Gender, Homosexuality, Sociology Pages: 4 (1341 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Miranda Nuetzman
WGS Final Paper
Like a Boy
Patriarchy is “the systematic organization of male supremacy” or the social system organized around gender difference (55). The system of patriarchy has created a set of Eurocentric masculinist epistemological conditions for today, because of this it creates social normalities which determines how people should present their gender and how they should fit into society. Society has made it acceptable to limit gender and create a stratification system to rank statuses unequally (65). Social constructions of hetero-patriarchy that have been formed expect women “to be modest and virtuous, to look beautiful, and, simultaneously to lure men” they hurl these ideas at us through propaganda and media (150). As a woman, I’m supposed to be heterosexual, beautiful, feminine and easily oppressed, we’re expected to fit in a cis female binary and do our gender correctly. Should we choose to break our binary we are sometimes punished for it “through name calling, discrimination, hate and outright violence” (155). Society tries to reject ideas that don’t fit within the specific stratification, I happen to not fit into the typical social stratification. I normally present myself as a cis female, however I’m not heterosexual. Being homosexual is an inequality within whiteness, and it’s not the preferred sexuality according to social constructions.

On Tuesday, the 27th, I chose to break my sexual binary and do my gender wrong. I had adorned myself in the attire of a male. I had borrowed a pair of jeans from a hall mate in my dorm, wore a Vans hoodie that I happened to purchase in the male section at the store, a pair of black Vans, and I finished the look off with another hall mates Blazers hat. I also, removed my heart-shaped earrings, my nail polish, and shoved all my hair into the hat. I was curious to see the reactions that I would later receive. I was also nervous about how I would be judged and perceived by other...
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