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SQ3R Worksheet

Part 1

Refer to p. 122 in Ch. 5 of Keys to Success. Read the selection and describe how you have applied the steps of the SQ3R method to read the selected passage.

One strategy you can use to become a more active, engaged reader is the SQ3R strategy, a step-by-step process to follow before, during, and after reading. This strategy is valuable for people enabling you to read and comprehend material quickly and thoroughly, but is not recommended for all subjects. This strategy works best with The practice of SQ3R reading works in the following steps.

How did you survey?
Before I read, I surveyed, or previewed, the text. Reading introductory paragraphs and headings can help me begin to figure out the author’s main point and identify what important topics will be covered. However, surveying contains many other aspects. I looked over sidebars, pictures, and any text or graphics that catch your attention. Then I skimmed a few paragraphs. Preview any boldfaced or italicized vocabulary terms. This will help me form your first impressions of the material.

Next, start brain-storming questions about the text. What is expected to comprehend from the material? You may have some questions come quickly based on completion of the survey step or based on previous readings and class discussions.

What questions did you ask?

What elements of the SQR3 reading assignment I think the instructor expects us to take away from the text? Why is the SQR3 strategy important?
How can I apply the SQR3 strategy to other reading material that I read in my personal life? How can I apply this strategy to academic material that is in the future? Read
The third step is to simply read. After you start reading, decide whether your first impressions of the text were right. Are the main points and ideas similar to what you determined? Also, looking for answers to your prior questions and beginning...
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