Gen/480 Case Study

Topics: New product development, Marketing, Market share Pages: 9 (3190 words) Published: February 21, 2011
1. Describe all assumptions seen in any documents provided.
For full credit, provide AT MINIMUM: four to six assumptions held by Kelly; six to nine assumptions held by Pat; two to three assumptions held by Cliff; two to three assumptions held by Chris. a. Kelly – Senior Engineer Product Development

1. Pat is trying to undercut Kelly’s authority by talking directly to the developers on his staff. 2. He does not agree with Pat’s business practices. 3. Getting existing work done is difficult due to previous staff cuts. 4. Kelly does not believe he has the spare staff to develop a prototype by the August deadline. 5. Kelly is being pressured by his boss to create a prototype but does not have enough resources to manage his existing work and add new product development to the list. 6. Kelly does not believe the budget allocation and timeline are realistic.

b. Pat – New Marketing Executive
1. In order for the company to succeed in the marketplace, they need to develop new products that expand to new markets. 2. Use the scanning technology to scan shoppers at the stores, gather information based on their movements, and generate reports on shopping habits etc. to use by the specific retail operation and other retail operations. 3. Product development will be minimal as hardware and software technology has already been developed and tested. 4. Need to get the product to the market before the competition in order to be a success; this will require a quick turnaround in development and implementation. 5. Delaying the launch of a complete product will be costly and prevent the opportunity to grab the market of this newly emerging technology. 6. In order to meet the deadline, contractors would need to be hired to supplement the current development. 7. This will add to the cost and reduce the first year ROI, but the capital investment will pay for itself over the period of 10 years as the product is used and little additional investment would be needed. 8. Pat sees the development team as a road block to making the progress in bring Operations Optimize to the market. 9. She does not feel supported by Kelly who is the director of product development.

c. Cliff – CEO AcuSacn
1. The company is not doing well and we need to recapture the market. 2. Existing budgets need to be cut to help us to reach the company goal. 3. Development of new products is necessary to increase market share and become profitable. 4. Pat Lambert and Chris Marinas are working together to develop a product that will help to pull the company out of the slump they are in, increasing market share.

d. Chris - VP of Product development
1. The development department is under a great deal of pressure to perform and cut costs. 2. Need to cut costs by 15%
3. Determined to cut costs without laying-off staff. 4. The issues of getting the product to market are between Kelly and Pat. He has left it to them to work it out.

2. Explain the arguments made by each of these people. Explanations should be comprised of two to six sentences for each of the following.

e. Cliff O’Connor
As the CEO of AcuScan, Cliff’s primary goal is to keep the company profitable and growing. The company is loosing market share as the products are limited to specific markets and becoming a commodity. Cliff’s job is to turn the company from this downward shift to become more profitable, regardless of how employees feel about the necessary changes. He must also make sure the costs are contained to work within the budget. Therefore, he has requested the new development be completed at 2/3 less than the estimated costs and is unwilling to adjust the deadline.

f. Pat Lambert...

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