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Team Building Worksheet

Complete the Team Building Worksheet by answering the following questions in 200 to 300 words each.

1. Describe team members’ results on the Discovery Wheel and Develop your multiple intelligences exercises. What similarities and differences exist within the team? As a team we found out our similarities in our individual strengths and weakness, which allowed us to evaluate our strengths and weakness as a team. Our strengths were in the categories of thinking, diversity, and purpose. We discussed all of these results together to discuss the advantages of this data and found that thinking was an important strength to have as a group in order to brainstorm efficiently. Diversity which was another strength of our group tied into thinking very well, because to be understanding of another team member’s opinions or thoughts is important to keep the content of our discussions from being bias. We understand that there will be difference in opinions with certain topics, but each team member invites such debate to enhance their own knowledge of why someone would have a certain opinion. Purpose was our last strength, which is important, because it shows that each team member of our group is not afraid of taking on new challenges and see value in the assignments that we will be doing together. Our areas of opportunity as a group were memory, note taking, and tests. We acknowledged this data and started to brainstorm together to discover why these categories were at the scores that they were. We discovered that note taking in a class environment was a technique that we all needed to focus on more to be more effective with our memory jogger and test taking. It was easy to see after talking about our challenges that these all tied into each other and could be fixed by focusing more on our ability and different techniques to take more efficient notes in class. 2. What are the advantages of having diversity on a...
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