Gen 105 Student Survival Guide

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Survival Guide

A survival guide is necessary for distance learning at University of Phoenix. A survival Guide has several ingredients that can result in a successful academic career. The survival guide include using Axia’s educational resources, upholding academic honestly, setting and achieving goals, managing time wisely, fostering reading comprehension and retention, and applying personality and learning styles.

Using Axia’s Educational Resources

Distance learning requires a significant level of maturity, commitment, and self motivation. Students don’t have social physical interactions with the professor like a traditional institution, so there other tools that acts as tutors. Students have access to tools such as: Center for Writing Excellence, the Plagiarism Checker, Writepoint, Tutorials and Guides, and the university library. The CWE is an online writing lab that helps students develops good written communication skills. The Plagiarism Checker checks the originality of the author’s work; it makes sure the writer did not copy another author’s writing. Writepoint is a system that provides feedback on grammar errors and provides suggestions to correct the error. Tutorials and Guides help students improve grammar writing skills by providing tutorials on grammar principle and essays. The University Library provides a selection of academic information such as articles and books to help aid research data. All these tools can prepare students for their academic career.

Upholding Academic Honestly

Upholding academic honestly is required at Axia College. The policy is located in University of Phoenix Student Handbook. Rearranging and incorrectly using documents, impersonating someone, and plagiarism is dishonest and will not be tolerated. When a student borrows work from a writer, the student must properly cite the material to prevent plagiarism. Writers may have taken months or years to write authentic work; so if a students copy the writer’s...
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